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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breadfruit by Celestine Hitiura Vaite

This book is just delightful. It's the story of Materena, a Tahitian lady who loves to sweep, or broom as she puts it. (which is what all the Nauruan kids call it too) She's a feisty lady who knows what she wants and she tells her story with the freshest, funniest island voice. A devout Catholic, her inspiration is the Virgin Mary Understanding Woman, whom she spends a lot of time revering.

Breadfruit (Text Publishing, 2000)

   Materena lives with her man Pito and their three children. One day whilst drunk, Pito proposes to her and so the story forms around the preparations for the wedding. The trouble is that Pito seems to have forgotten about the proposal and has no intention of making their union recognised in a church.
   Each chapter tells a different tale about various members of Materena's extended family and their daily life in Tahiti.
   The humour in this book is gentle and the effect is so warm and endearing that you simply fall in love with Materena  after the first page.
   Breadfruit would be a great book for PSSC students and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who likes funny books.

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