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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wurramatyenna and the Magic Canoe by Lisa Kennedy

Wurramatyenna and the
 Magic Canoe (Dreaming
Path Books, 2014)
I finally got my hands on this book only to realise it's the first in the series, whereas Wurramatyenna and The Call Of The Sea is the sequel. Never mind - they are both delightful books full of gorgeous illustrations. Wurramatyenna and the Magic Canoe introduces an albatross who becomes Wurramatyenna's friend. When the albatross dies, its spirit encourages Wurramatyenna to journey across the sea in a little magic canoe to explore the islands of Bass Strait.
   Once again Lisa Kennedy has produced some engaging pictures, using what appears to be a water-colour wash to evoke the blues and greens of the deep sea. She has labelled many of the creatures and objects in the environment, highlighting their names in both English and Palawa Kani. Another great book celebrating the depth of knowledge of our indigenous people.

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