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Monday, July 25, 2011

Five Parts Dead by Tim Pegler

I read this book a year ago and really enjoyed it. It's only on this blog though because it's set on an island off the coast of South Australia.  Otherwise it's a contemporary Young Adult Fiction story. It's about Dan, a teenage boy who recently survived a horror car smash, where three of his friend didn't. Dan is grieving. He is bitter and angry at the world and especially at his family for dragging him to a remote lighhouse, when his foot's all busted up and in plaster. He knows they'll go off exploring and enjoy themselves while he will brood over his loss. But this story isn't all teenage angst.
Five Parts dead (Text, 2010)
    When Dan reads the lighthouse keepers log, he uncovers a tragic secret which has been hidden for over one hundred years. This mystery engrosses him and keeps his mind off the accident. The two plot lines flow along well together. It's not until the end of the book that you discover why Dan is so guilt-ridden.
   Five Parts Dead also has some romance and Dan's love interest is well drawn. She'd have to be my favourite charcter in the book. I think Tim Pegler has done a good job with the characters making them believable and complex. This is a good book for teenagers, and one which young boys can probably enjoy.

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