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I am an author of Young Adult Fiction books. I worked as a teacher in the Pacific Islands for seven years. Whilst in the Solomon Islands I taught PSSC English before the ethnic tension in 2000 forced a change of plans. I love Pacific literature, art and music. You can find me on Facebook at Beth Montgomery Author.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Source: B Montgomery
It's been school holiday time here and as a treat I took my family to the Melbourne zoo. Although one daughter loved the reptile house and the other daughter enjoyed seeing the lions, my favourite was the butterfly house. Just stepping through the doors brings you into tropical humidity, right in the middle of our bleak Victorian winter. We stayed in there for about fifteen minutes, taking photos and simply relaxing. (The zoo is hard on your feet-all that walking) Some of the butterflies were huge. They reminded me of the two types we often saw in the Solomons: the giant electric blue butterfly just like the Australian Ullysses, and an equally large brown and green butterfly.
I hope there are plenty of butterflies flitting around the school grounds in the Solomons now as the students get back into semester two. Good luck with your studies and all the best for form 3, SISC and PSSC exams.

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