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Friday, November 19, 2010

Loku and the Shark Attack by Deborah Carlyon

Loku and the Shark Attack (UQP, 2006)

This is a chapter book designed for young readers of about eight to ten years old. Set in Papua New Guinea it tells the story of Loku, the quiet boy in the village who never gets into any scrapes. His twin brother Nul seems to have all the adventures and all the fun. Setting out to prove himself, Loku ventures into the territory of another tribe where he accidently starts a bushfire. He is captured and made to pay for his mistake. He is forced into a dangerous plan to lure and spear a shark. But everything goes wrong and Loku finds courage he didn't know he had.

   There are cute little illustrations throughout done in black ink by Johnny Danalis. The story is written like a fable, with everything turning out well in the end. A good one for children establishing themselves as readers. 

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