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Friday, April 27, 2012

Photographer Helps Island School

Students from Viwa Island would love some books to read.
Source: Michele Darmanin
Australian photographer Michele Darmanin travelled to Fiji in november last year with her husband. They visited Viwa island in the Yasawa Group and were delighted by the school children who strived hard to learn but had no resources.
   How common is this? Everywhere throughout the Pacific there are hundreds of villlage schools suffering the same plight.
   Michele and her husband were determined to help the children of Viwa and started sending books over to the island. They have requested donations of books Australia wide to cater for primary-aged students. If you can help donate a few books, contact Michele Darmanin on her blog Aussie Heavenscent. Or there is a link through Facebook called  Donate-A-Book-on-behalf-of-the-School-Children-of-Viwa-Island-Fiji.

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  1. Dear Beth,
    I would like to send my sincere thanks to you for your kind support helping the school children of Viwa Island in Fiji. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response of so many people who have generously donated all types of amazing books suitable for preschool children through to Year 6. We are extremely grateful to the many australian authors, publishing companies, school teachers, school children from Collinsville Primary School in Queensland, individuals including authors and publishers from the USA and the UK. This project would not be a success if it wasn't for the generous hearts of so many others who will make a difference in the lives of the school children who attend the two tiny schools on Viwa Island. So far, we have received the most incredible collection of books with 90% brand new and 10% second-hand books, the amount of books donated todate are over 2500 reading and educational books. We will now be able to create the best library in Fiji for the school children on Viwa Island. The incredible spirit of generosity is really alive well. I have been contacted by other organisations in Fiji who genuinely need help in all aspects of educational materials especially as some schools in Fiji have not been upgraded for severals years. My heart felt gratitude goes beyond words, thank you on behalf of the school children of Viwa Island for everyone's kind hearted donations.
    Kind regards
    Michele Darmanin
    PS..... We have only one issue to resolve and that is getting the boxes of books delivered from our home to the Sydney International Airport ready for their courtesy flight by Virgin Australia as a good will gesture from them in support of our project for the 66 school children of Viwa Island, Fiji. If anyone can help, please let me know via heart2heartsydney@yahoo.com.au