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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finder's Shore by Anna Mackenzie

Finder's Shore
(2011, Random house)
Finder's Shore is the last book in Anna Mackenzie's Sea-wreck Stranger trilogy and in many ways it draws all the threads of the story together. Like most teens Ness doesn't know what career direction to take. Should she stay at the farm or join the scouts? Neither option appeals to her. When the chance to journey back to her home island comes, Ness must steel herself for the horrors she may find. In a dystopian world, Ness's choices are limited but there is a lot of hope in this story, and faith in the inevitability of change.
  The first book in this series was a 'cracker' and the second, Ebony Hill, seemed to be a slower more introspective book. Finder's Shore has glimmers of the tension from the first book but generally it follows the pattern of the second. Ness is basically an adult now and her actions are more measured than in her youthful days narration of  The Sea-wreck Stranger.  If there is one critisism of this story it is that there is a lot of what I call on, off, on, off... in this instance it's to do with a ship and Ness's home island of Dunnett. In a way the safety of the ship seemed to suck some of the tension out of the story. 
   The voice that Mackenzie has created for Ness is delightful and I never tire of it. If you haven't yet read the Sea-wreck Stranger I think you ought to get into it. It is a real treasure and although this one doesn't quite measure up it is still very satisfying to know what happens to Ness, her family and her new friend Ronan.

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