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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Island hopping

The most economical way to get around island nations is on a ship, but oh boy what an experience! I think everyone who has lived in the islands has a horrendous boat story to tell. I know I have about four memorable trips etched into my brain, and one in particular where I was certain I would never make it back to the safety of Honiara.
   Boat travel is great material for your writing: all those smells, sounds, vibrations and the views of course.

My family on the Isabella (Source: B. Montgomery)

Travelling by ship, Solomons. (Source: B. Montgomery)

   Think about how sick you felt in the rocking waves, the diesel fumes, the throb of the engine, the vomit, the sea spray on your face, the chipped paint on the deck... It's all good stuff for descriptive writing.    When we travelled to Isabel in July we had the luxury of the first class cabin which was air-conditioned. (I don't think I could have survived out on deck in the heat and fumes) But even so the throng of the engine underneath us and the swell and roll of the ship made me feel so sick I spent the entire 22 hour trip lying on the floor with my head on a bag of rice (a makeshift pillow), while my husband mopped up everyone's vomit. Eeewww, yuck!

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