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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Unquiet by Carolyn McCurdie

The Unquiet (Longacre, 2006)
Tansy lives in New Zealand and is alarmed when big things start disappearing. By big I mean massive, like entire countries and even the planet Pluto. A dark emptiness is growing, swallowing whole communities and driving people crazy with a 'jabbery, twisty kind of sound'. It's the Unquiet. Tansy and her classmate Anaru are drawn into the realms of Maori myth as the Unquiet claims their town. In shadow form they use Maui's waka to go fishing and hook NZ out of danger.
   I liked this children's story because of the blend of myth and reality. The book was well written and the plot moved quickly. Tansy and Anaru are engaging characters although I thought Mrs Rex was a bit stereotyped as the eccentric teacher.
   If you like speculative fiction then you ought to find this a good story. It's too easy for PSSC students but still an enjoyable read.

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